The Down and Dirty

Originally started this blog with my friend Angie to talk girl stuff....but we never got around to posting anything. Hence, the name....

So now I'm mostly going to share with you some of the writers and other bloggers I like and maybe from time to time I'll humiliate myself, waste your time & mine and share some of my very own personal ramblings.

Be in my video!

Be in a video

We’re looking for BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE from all over the world to be a part of a music video & by beautiful we mean whatever shape, size, inside, outside, upside-down beauty that is near, far, wherever you are….but most definitely…. YOU

All you gotta do is send a homemade video of you singing/lip synching or whatever you want to anywhere from 20 seconds to 3 1/2 mins of the song “Where are all the Beautiful People” by me or send a picture of you from ANYWHERE

and if you wanna make it obvious and hold up a sign or even take a pic of you in front of a landmark, COOL and you’ll be a part of this video with other Beautiful People from all over the world.

Help us find out the answer (‘cause we really need to know!!!): Where ARE all the Beautiful People?

& if you don’t already know/own the song and are on the fence about joining in, Check it out @

AND anyone who participates will get a free mp3 of a song of their choice off the record, “The Carousel”

All videos/images should be emailed to artrocks AT by no later than February 20, 2012

By submitting to us you agree to let us use your funky beautiful lip synching image/moving picture/video for the purposes of this video.  No nudity, violence or vulgarity please.

Feel free to share this with anyone you think might want to participate!

The talented & wonderful Nadia Ackerman asked me to perform in a Christmas benefit for Elisa and Nathan Bond to be held at the Living Room in NYC on Dec 15th. I started working on an arrangement of “Santa Baby” (have always wanted to sing it) and just couldn’t help myself…took a few liberties. So with the help of a great song and some free xmas graphics I found online, here’s my own invitation.

PS: Over the last two days there’s been great news about how they’re doing; which is now making it more of a celebration…so come and join us, if you’re in the NYC area!

a little about the benefit:

Elisa and Nathan Bond… Together for more than six years, Elisa (36) and Nathan (38) currently reside in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn with their 18 month old daughter, Sadie, and their dog Griffin. Sadly, both were diagnosed with aggressive cancer within just days of each other. Elisa is combating stage 4 metastic breast cancer and Nathan is fighting stage 3 rectal cancer. Please visit their website ( to see how you can help. Elisa and Nathan are keeping everyone updated on their progress with their family blog (

VERY SPECIAL GUESTS: Holidelic and Robbie Dupree

Geron Hoy
Rob Friedman
Nadia Ackerman
Doug Yowell
Bette Sussman
Jonathan Maron
Thad DeBrock
Nancy Magarill
Julie Hardy
Tabitha Fair
The Hipstones
Gabrielle Aimée
Briana Cowlishaw
Chrissi Poland

and thanks to Daniel Spector for Bubbe! and Brian Stansifer, Diane Carr, Karin Bereson, Kelli Kolodny and Randi Weiss for the bouncing back and forth!

a preview of the new record, “The Carousel” by Nancy Magarill. Pre-order your copy now or purchase a fully downloadable mp3’s Album NOW! Go to website for details:

Artists need to eat too!!!

I’m turning this blog over now to threads on Spotify and what I see as a horrible trend towards music becoming completely free.  It pains me to watch us give over everything because it’s either the thing of the moment or we don’t see any alternative.  The bottom line is that we are giving over our bottom line with false hopes that it will benefit us in the end.  The only thing that is happening is that people are getting used to music being worth nothing and we all know what goes into the kind of work we do.  so let’s stop this now; together…through thoughtful discussion.  I’m all for promotion but not at the expense of a livelihood!!!